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WOD – Thursday, November 18, 2010


WOD – Thursday, November 18, 2010

Warm-Up: Run 200M, Fanny whackers, Frankensteins, 10 box jumps, Samson stretch, 10 – Sit-ups, 10 – Push-ups

Skill: Dead-Lift


WOD 4 from the TEN (with modification)

Sandbag Suicide (100’)

 Place 1- 25# sandbag on the 25′ mark, 1- 40# sandbag at 50′, 1-25# and 1-40# at 75′,  2- 40″ at the 100′ mark.  The objective is to sprint to the 25′ mark, pick up the sand bag & run it back to the starting line.  Then sprint to the 50′ mark, pick up the sandbag & run it back to the starting line.  Do the same for the sandbags at the 75′ mark & the 100′ mark.  Once this is complete, you must return all the sandbags to each mark by running 1 sandbag to the 25′ mark, 2 to the 50′ mark & so on.  When the last 4 sandbags are returned to the 100’ mark, sprint back to the starting line to complete the suicide.  You may carry one sandbag at a time or multiple sandbags but you must stay in order. The penalty for setting down or dropping the sandbags is 5 OHS with one sandbag (choose the light one).

You will need 2 – 25# and 4 – 40# sandbags for each station, make as many stations as we have sandbags for, stick to the prescribed time limit below, and run in heats!
rx’d time limit – 4 minutes
scaled time limit – 5 minutes

If you finish in time, rest 10 minutes then:

WOD 7 from the TEN

Max DL in 3 minutes

rx’d men – 275#
rx’d women – 195#
scale men – 195#
scale women – 135#

That's one way for a cop to take down a criminal! Bruce and Tracy

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