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WOD – Thursday, November 8, 2012


WOD – Thursday, November 8, 2012


Box Jumps



WOD #3
7 Minute AMRAP – This WOD is done in the exact order prescribed.  Total rounds and reps.
40 Double Unders
15 Burpees
7 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

THE FALL SUB – Jump over barbell subbed for double unders.  The bar must be set up with full size plates to achieve the acceptable height for the barbell.  Jump over the barbell from two feet, landing on two feet, in any direction (lateral, forward, backward, or from one position to another, as long as both feet leave and land together.

Scaled/Open division:
40 single unders (no advantage for having doubles) – can do the barbell jump overs
15 burpees
7  chin over bar pull-ups (18 jumping pull-ups)

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