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WOD – Tuesday, December 28, 2010


WOD – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Warm-up:   Run 400m, 15 squats, 15 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, 15 pull-ups, Samson Stretch

Skill:  Handstand Walk – Practice walking sideways along the wall until you get comfortable supporting yourself on one arm. 


Tabata “Bottom to Bottom” Squat
Run 1 mile

Clock starts for run on rising from last squat.

The Tabata Bottom to Bottom Squat is a Tabata Squat but each rep begins at the bottom and ends at the bottom. The turn around at the top is immediate – no pause. The ten-second rest for each interval is also held at the bottom of the squat as opposed to the top. Interestingly, this squat, in contrast to the “normal” Tabata squat, motivates full hip extension. Also, the ten second rests don’t seem as short with this protocol!
Austin Malleolo 18/6:17.
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