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WOD – Tuesday, November


WOD – Tuesday, November



Turkish Get Up (Progress to a heavy weight)


WOD #1

This is a 5 min AMRAP – as many rounds and reps as possible.  You can do each round BROKEN, as long as you only move forward once all reps per round are completed.  If you are competing to win, I would recommend a coach keeps your score.
5 Muscle Ups – standard is that you must do CF Games style MU’s to start at full extension, A TURN OUT at the bottom is necessary to insure full range of motion, where palms of hands are turned to face out 180 degrees; and full extension of both arms at the top of the rings.
10 – 115#/85# Snatch (squat, power or muscle)
15 – 30″/24″ Box Jumps (must jump leaving both feet together, and landing both feet together.  Must stand at complete extension while feet are still in contact with the box.  Can step or jump down.

THE FALL SUB – 405#/275# Dead-lifts can be done instead of MU’s, either or, cannot change mid WOD (1 for 1 sub)



5 Minutes to complete

Scaled/OPEN division: 5 Pull-ups or 15 Jumping Pull-ups (chin over bar, and full extension of the arms at the bottom)
10 – Snatch 75#/55#
15 – Box Jump or Step Up 24″/20″

THE FALL SUB – 225#/165# Dead-lifts (1 for 1 sub)


This is the part of the TGU that trips up most people

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