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WOD – Tuesday, September 29, 2009


WOD – Tuesday, September 29, 2009



15 – 145# Push Press (100# Women)
300M Row
15 – 145# Thrusters
300M Row


400M Run
5 Burpees
5 – 20# Wall Balls (10′ men, 8′ women)
5  HSPU’s
400M Run
25 Sit-Ups
25 Push-Ups
25 Pull-Ups


20 – 185# Dead-lift (115# Women)
20 – Knees to Elbows
20 – Walking lunges with 35# Dumbbells (two)
40 – Double Unders (4x singles)
40 – Good Mornings
40 – 2 pood KB swings (1.5 pood women)

Come to class prepared.  Coach will put you on one of the WOD’s to start (some will start with WOD1, some with WOD2, some with WOD 3), you have until the end of class to complete them all. 

If you need to drop weight below RX, know that before you show up, and PREPARE YOUR OWN BAR.  8 bars will be in use as RX’d, so there will be two bars (the 32# bar and one of the 38# bars) available to set up with a different weight. 

With 6 people or less in the class, there will be no equipment restraints.  Over six people we will have a backup at the rowing WOD.  Therefore, work fast, rest little between WOD’s. 

Your coach will always have someone on the row machine, to insure that we are moving along well.  Whole classes might choose to drop weight for WOD 1, if there is a relative consensus, just stick with the consensus, unless you can prepare a bar very quickly, or stay at RX.

Post times for each individual WOD, order you did them, and total time to comments. DO NOT COUNT REST TIME


Norman PR’s a press with daughter Melissa looking on.

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