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WOD – Wednesday, February 17, 2010


WOD – Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sandbag Carry – 100M mark and back (120#/80#)
Sandbag Cleans – 12 from ground to shoulder
Sandbag Carry – 400M
Sandbag Cleans – 9 from ground to shoulder
Sandbag Carry – 550M (back of back parking lot and back)
Sandbag Cleans – 6 from ground to shoulder

Alternate carrying position and stop and rest as needed.  At the start of class grab a sandbag and get it nice and full.  If we cannot get the exact weight, take a close guess.

Larger fillers are 40#, smaller fillers are 20#.  You can easily get 40#-120# in a sandbag shell, with 20# increments the whole way.

Ben Carter
Ben Carter carrying #120 sandbag

Carrying a sandbag is one of the most functional weighted movements we can offer.  Ask anyone who has worked in the landscape or construction biz.

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