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WOD – Wednesday, November 7, 2012


WOD – Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Turkish Get Up (same as Tuesday)

Box Jumps (same as Monday)


WOD #2
10 Minute AMRAP – Like WOD #1, you need to complete the total number of reps per round before moving to the next round, but you can split them up in any order, and that order can change from round to round.

10 – Hand Stand Push-ups.  You may use an abmat if there are 25# bumper plates or LARGER next to it on either side for your hands. Kipping is allowed.
20 – Squat Cleans 165#/115# – full squat with crease of hip below knee.  It is acceptable to power clean and then front squat as two distinct movements.

THE FALL SUB – 45#/25# overhead alternating lunges (1 for 1 sub).  The standard, you need to touch one knee to the floor, then alternate and touch the other knee to the floor, in between knee touches you must come to complete extension of the knee and hip.  The entire time you are lunging, the plate must be help overhead, NO PART OF THE PLATE can be below the top of the head.

Scaled/OPEN division: same WOD – Hand Stand Push-ups are done to 1 abmat (MEN) or 2 abmats (WOMEN).  The squat cleans are 95#/65#

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