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World Wide WOD is for everyone


World Wide WOD is for everyone

Ok, so you may have heard of this, maybe not. But we would love for every person in the gym to try this one out, and we will not only make sure that you get video taped by us, but we will also get a gym ranking of everyone who competes. What a great opportunity to test your fitness!!

So, what we do know, is that it is three WOD’s in two weeks. So week one will be WOD 1, then WOD 2 is the first half of week 2, with WOD 3 the second half of week 2. They will not be high skill WOD’s, and the scaled level will be something that just about everyone can achieve (with appropriate substitutions where needed – pull-ups, double unders).

You do the WOD in front of a video camera, it gets uploaded to youtube, then the link is shared on the facebook page for World Wide WOD.

The Garage Games page for World Wide WOD will have all the updates and details as well. This is also where you can sign up, the cost is $25 and will go up to $35 once the first WOD is announced. T-shirts will come available as well online at the GG store, but you can avoid shipping by picking up from the gym.

Lastly, there is a bonus prize for the most AWESOME video. This is one that we hope that we will shoot for. An example of a most awesome video winner, would be a video where you (just you, a few, whatever) take a bunch of weight into midtown, and WOD in the middle of a bunch of people waiting in line to get into a club, or you bring your weight into church and WOD during a church service… you get my point. Awesome is shocking and crazy. There will be a cool additional prize for that winning video! And we’ll help you get it.

Sign up now, and start planning.  WOD 1 will be announced on October 7th, WOD 2 on October 13th, and WOD 3 on October 17th, with final submissions on October 21st!

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