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CrossFit Garage Yoga

Our Yoga program is currently changing.  Please be “flexible” (pun intended) as we re-create it. We are attempting to make yoga a free offering to members.

Yoga and CrossFit have different mental requirements. Possibly due to their varying demands, this coupling creates a more balanced athlete. CrossFitting yogis are able to be competitive yet peaceful, aggressive yet calm, and mindful not only of the strength of their technique, but also the balance and movements of their body.


Yoga provides athletes with flexibility, strength, faster recovery, improved mental strength, and an overall better performance. More and more CrossFit boxes are providing yoga classes for members. By pairing CrossFit and yoga, athletes can improve their:

  • Flexibility
  • Breathing
  • Balance
  • Body awareness
  • Agility
  • Alignment
  • Injury prevention


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